Eight Facts about Breasts

A woman must know how to take care of her breasts. Let's examine some facts related to breast for your health. Women's breasts are milk glands that function to produce milk which will later become the intake for the baby. In addition to the function and anatomy of the breast, there are a number of other breast facts that you need to know about. Facts about breasts The following are 8 facts about breasts. Breast growth Not many know what causes breasts in women can grow at puberty. Breast growth is triggered by a series of growth hormones and estrogen hormones that are experiencing an increase. Different breast sizes Breast sizes differ between the left and right. The left breast is usually generally slightly larger than the right side breast. The difference can reach around 20 percent. This is due to the growth phase of the breast, the speed of development of the right and left breast is different. However, if the size of the two breasts is felt to be very different
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